20% discount on your URLR subscription.

On the occasion of the release of annual subscriptions (with two months free), the code URLR20 can only be used for the next 20 orders and until May 18.

You may have noticed it, URLR. grows and always offers you more options and functionalities. We just let you subscribe with an annual payment which gives you two months free over the monthly plans.

To celebrate and to thank you for your trust, we are offering you the promo code URLR20, to be used on the next 20 subscriptions and until May 18, which will give you a 20% reduction. This applies to both monthly plans (during the first month) and annual plans (during the first year).

Don't wait any longer, the code is only available in limited quantities! Subscribe by clicking on this link.

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Published on 4/18/21 by Hugo Posnic

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